Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil (Plus Side Effects)

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CBD or Cannabidiol is believed to cure a variety of illnesses and ailments. It is one of the over a hundred compounds of cannabinoids in the cannabis/hemp or marijuana plant. Although most people who lack information about CBD think that it is similar to marijuana, CBD is not psychotic and does not give a “high” effect to its users. Marijuana has a compound known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which induces a high feeling and this is absent in CBD.

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But what makes CBD popular? Here, we give you the benefits of taking CBD.

1. It is used as a pain reliever – the use of marijuana has been practiced even since before the Christ era, and currently, research has found that CBD may help in reducing chronic pain in humans. This is because it impacts the endocannabinoid activity in the body, which is involved in different functions like regulating appetite, sleep, and immune system response of the body, and in result, reducing inflammation if the patient is experiencing any kind of common pain. Some studies claim that CBD is effective in reducing pain caused by incision while others acclaimed its efficacy in treating arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

2. It can be effective in reducing depression and anxiety – according to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability across the globe while anxiety falls into sixth place. Both depression and anxiety can be treated with medications although some claim that they also give undesirable side effects like drowsiness, insomnia, agitation, headache, and sexual dysfunction. Some medications like benzodiazepines are addictive can result in substance abuse. Results of CBD reducing depression and anxiety symptoms are said to be promising such as subjects were able to reduce anxiety before taking a test after taking a 300-mg dose of CBD, and subjects with post-traumatic stress disorder were reported sleeping better and treated insomnia.

3. It reduces acne – acne can be caused by several factors such as bacteria, inflammation, and overproduction of sebum, or simply genetics. Because CBD has inflammatory properties, it may reduce the risks of acne breakout which results from the reduction of sebum in the skin. Although these claims still need to be proven by more research.

4. It is said to reduce cancer symptoms – although it does not cure cancer, CBD is acclaimed for being effective in reducing cancer-related symptoms or side effects of cancer treatment such as pain, vomiting, and nausea. Several research that studies patients undergoing chemotherapy have found out that patients who take CBD have a significant reduction in pain and other therapy side effects compare with those who do not take CBD. Although there are existing drugs for this purpose, they could render no effect leading people to seek alternatives like CBD.

While much research has proven the efficacy of CBD in treating different illnesses, the FDA still does not completely recognize its healing effects, and more research is still needed.

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