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Signs That You Need to Remove A Tree    

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Trees are mother nature’s gift to us. They keep our air fresh, our surroundings cool and protects us from erosions. Trees around our homes give a fresh feeling. They can also be very functional, as they can protect us from heat and rain providing us shade and a natural privacy shield from your neighbors.  

Remove A Tree

Having a tree in your lawn and backyard is wonderful. Trees grow old, and they can become unsteady too. Trees can grow very high depending on the type, and they can grow for many years to come, but there will come a time that you will call a tree removal Richmond VA service near you to remove your tree. Cutting trees is not okay but you if there are already signs that it could cause accidents and hurt your home, you will be force to remove your tree immediately. Try to look for these signs before you call a tree remover:  


Trees can be damaged overtime. As it grows old, trees become weak too. If you notice any termites and cracks on the base and body of the tree, you might want to consider taking it down permanently. When termites attack, they usually leave any kind of wood hallow and trees too can become hallow overtime as termites will not stop until they have consumed every part of the tree. Your tree can collapse anytime.  


Root damage can be visible at times. If ever you are noticing decaying roots, this can be bad. Roots help the tree top be stable and stand still vertically, when roots are damaged or decaying nothing is holding the tree anymore to be stable. It can collapse anytime and can damage your home if you do not remove your tree ASAP.  


Trunk cracks are caused by bacteria and fungi or certain cavities that enter the trees’ trunk causing it to crack. When you see deep cracks on your tree’s trunk, it is already a sign for removal. Tree trunks can fall and could hurt you, your guest, pets and family members. To prevent freak tree trunk accidents, maybe it’s time to remove the tree.  


The most common sign that you should be removing or at least cut the branches of your tree is when it comes near with man-made structures. For example, if your tree was planted under powerlines, it can reach a certain height where it will really touch the powerlines and could damage and cause hazards. Before planting trees, bear in mind that should not be too near any man-made structure especially powerlines.  


Trees do not usually grow tilting. They stand vertically and if you notice from a far that your tree seems tilting, you might want to check if the roots are damaged or your tree was plant to shallow for its root to have a tight grip. Once your tree shows a sign of leaning or tilting towards your home or any structure, it is safe to say that a tree remover should take a look if it needs to be removed ASAP.

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